Restoration Bible Church
Rev. Alfie Lewis, Pastor

"RBC is a place where CHRIST is seen, LOVE is felt and LIVES are changed."


My Church is....

Dear Viewer

My church is FULL OF LOVE.  I have been a member of Restoration Bible Church for the last 3 years and I have loved every minute of it.  This testimonial is not to paint a perfect picture but more an opportunity for me to express why I love Restoration.  I used to think that "church" did not work.  Well I found out that is does because "church" works when you work and not just work from any place but rather work from a PURE PLACE WITH NO HIDDEN MOTIVES.  This means that you are transparent with God about WHO YOU ARE and understand that you are the church.  See it is easy to blame other people for the lack of progress in your life and your LACK relationship with God. However, it is harder BUT more revealing and POWERFUL to be responsible for your own growth in God with the proper leadership.  So if you are looking for a Pastor that will LOVE you inspite of who you are, Pastor Lewis is that Pastor.  If you are looking for a church full of members (mini-churches) that are striving to be better and accepting the responsibility for learning and growing, then RESTORATION BIBLE CHURCH is that church. Personally, I have birth-out (worked & achieved) more in the last three years, more than I have in the last 15 years of being apart of any ministry, and I'm not done yet but I'm full of JOY. We are moving to become BETTER DISCIPLES.  Come join us!

Alicia E. Harris - AV Ministry Lead

Washington, DC